Transforming Milwaukee into

the most diverse and inclusive tech ecosystem

in the nation

The Milky Way Tech Hub commits to investing in Black founders, POC, women, and other underrepresented demographics.


of Black businesses are backed by venture capitals

Shifting the Narrative


Milwaukee is home to the 53206 ZIP code which has the unenviable distinction of owning the highest incarceration rate for Black men of any locale in America. That same ZIP code has also been labelled as the worst place for Black people to live and raise children. We believe these heartbreaking labels make it clear that now is the time to invest in a complete narrative shift for the city of Milwaukee.

The Milky Way Tech Hub’s goal is to use its resources and programs to turn these relationships into opportunities and jobs for our diverse citizenry.

The Milky Way Promise

Tech Fund


Milky Way Tech Hub is launching a tech fund in partnership with IP Zone Company, a New York-based spinout of American Express, to provide the level of capital that tech companies need to help them reach successful exits.

Our $50 million dollar fund will target scalable tech companies that have substantial intellectual property and a willingness to relocate or invest and partner with Milwaukee and its citizens

This new endeavor requires strategic collaboration at the city and state level. Interested in supporting this effort?

Milky Way Tech Hub Partner

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“I founded Jet Constellations to ensure Milwaukee’s tech scene mirrors its diverse population.”

- Nadiyah Johnson, CEO