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Taking Your Ideas To TheNext Level

Milky Way Concierge Accelerator

We focus on helping industry experts in the community to start, launch, and fund the next wave of high-growth tech companies in their space. Our lean startup methodologies paired with your deep industry knowledge optimizes our chances to create a winning tech business.

  • 1 Explore and Ideate

  • 2 Develop Requirements

  • 3 Design Wireframes

  • 4 Launch Product

About Us

Jet Constellations is a fast-growing software company, providing technology solutions in the medical, financial, and socially responsible industries. We cultivate the intersection of creativity and community, driving advancements in various functions of urban society – the scientific, entrepreneurial, and social. This passion makes us a tech hub for Milwaukee’s diverse STEM scene to learn, build and thrive in Tech


Jet Constellations’ Milky Way initiative works to transform Milwaukee into a tech hub that represents the city’s diverse population through community workshops, panels, talks, hackathons and design thinking sessions. It is evident diversity in STEM spurs innovation and plays a significant role in ensuring the best ideas and solutions see the light of day. An inclusive tech scene in Milwaukee will help the city reach its full potential. Milwaukee will be known as The Milky Way, a tech hub made up of creators and innovators that are representative of its population.


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