STEAM & Dream Week 4: Python – Real World Applications + Explore Your Digital Footprint

In lesson 4 we will learn the many applications of Python. Python is used for scientific research and computing and even has several science-friendly or science-specific libraries including Astropy for astronomy, Biopython for biology and bioinformatics, Graph-tool for statistical analysis of graphs, Psychopy for neuroscience and experimental psychology.

Python is also great for machine learning. Machine learning includes things like speech recognition, financial services, even the recommendations Netflix serves up every time you log in that make you think, “How do they know?!” Python is used for machine learning via specific machine learning libraries and frameworks including scikit-learn and TensorFlow. After completing this lesson you will be inspired to continue your learning of python programming.

In this lesson you’ll also learn about your digital foot print!

A digital footprint is the trail of information you leave behind when you use the internet. Depending on your values, priorities, age, school, family expectations and other factors, you’ll want to set and keep boundaries that work for you.

In this weeks lesson you will learn how to become a good digital citizen. This includes how to manage time spent on the internet, how to treat others when on the internet and how to be smart with social media. You will have the opportunity to explore the difference between private information and personal information, distinguishing what is safe and unsafe to share online.

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