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Secure Bridges Enters The Milky Way – A Collaboration in the Fight Against Sex Trafficking

The fight against sex trafficking gained a new ally in a young woman by the name of Shayvon McCullum. It might not have been her original intent to take on a social justice endeavor that has become an international issue but once she began her research in late 2018, there has been no breaks or pauses. Her research turned into a strategy session, that produced her organization, Secure Bridges. Shayvon found herself motivated after attending many events dedicated to the issue especially discovering she was the only African-American woman present. This was in-congruent to the data she’d collected from her research that stated that Black and brown children were at the highest risk of being sex trafficked in the Milwaukee area. The help she knew she would need to make a huge impact arrived in the form of Nadiyah Johnson of Jet Constellations and The Milky Way Tech Hub.

Jet Constellations reached out to her after Shayvon had been highlighted during an interview for the Morning Blend. Nadiyah informed her of her mission for the Milky Way Tech Hub and how the use of technology could elevate her fight against sex trafficking. Shayvon took the initiative to do more research but this time it was to gain insight into information systems. Her studious nature and attention to detail impressed Nadiyah, and it was during the following meeting that she began to map out how a Secure Bridges app could provide preventative measures to dismantle youth sex trafficking.

“The Milkyway Tech Hub meet-ups had become routine for my Saturday mornings. It was encouraging to see such a beautiful and diverse room of entrepreneurs learning and building and connecting with each other.” – Shayvon M.

The app will give the under-served youth in the community multiple opportunities and resources in one place. Shayvon credits Nadiyah’s patience and support for her being able to win at the Milky Way Tech Hub Pitch Night, which led to the privilege of joining Jet Constellations’ One on One concierge accelerator. The entire experience culminated in the clickable demo constructed by Jet Constellations and Milky Way Tech Hub affiliate, MB Collab (led by Sirene Mireles and Irina Becker). Secure Bridges is currently raising funds to complete the app and bring it to market.

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